Kwakwakw'wakw Fashion show

Posted by Brandi Lancaster on

Coastal Bead Collective travels to Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw and Kwagu'l territories! Gilakas'la @premiumcultureclub for having us at your fashion show. We loved it, and brought our Lekwungen sister with us for the trip (@indigiseed )! Not many photos, but here's snaps of our trip.
A lot of gratitude for this opportunity. It was beautiful to see our people on the runway and to see the strength, love, talent, and witness such an uplifting gathering. I'kan noke'! Gilakas'la, Gilakas'la, gilakas'la 

#kwakwakawakwart #kwakwakawakw #premiumcultureclub #coastalbeadcollective

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