Nugwa’am ?Ixc'amgillkw gayutła̱n lax̱a Musgamakw dłu ‘Namgis dłu Mamalilikala dłu Lkwungen dłu Skwxu’7mesh. Heda̱n ǥa̱'aǥa̱mpi Joyce Moody  dłu' Clifford Thomas. Heda̱n ǥa̱'aǥa̱mpi Doreen Shaughnessy dłu' Herbert Lancaster. Heda̱n a̱ba̱mpi Bambi Lancaster (nee Thomas) dłu' heda̱n umpi John Lancaster. Gayutła̱n giga̱'oł'nukw lax̱a Mamalilikala, Skwxu’7mesh dłu Leeq sun Musgamakw dłu ‘Namgis.
My traditional name is ?Ixc'amgillkw, and my English name is Jenna Lancaster. I come  from Wakeman sound, Alert bay, Village Island, Songhees, and Squamish and Valdez island. My maternal grandparents are Joyce Moody Thomas and Clifford Thomas. My paternal grandparents are Doreen Shaughnessy and Herbert Lancaster. My parents come from these places- Village island, Songhees and Squamish and Valdez island in the case of my mother. My father comes from Wakeman sound and Alert Bay.  Brandi or as some know her as L’alittlilakw taught me how to bead about eight years ago. Beading has been a great journey so far and has taught me a lot about being  patient! I love beading because it gives me an opportunity to share my art and stories that come with each piece. I also love being able to teach others in hopes that it helps them in their journey along the way.  Thank you for all the love and support!